Fashion Photography and the Female Gaze

Hi, welcome to Fashion-alyze This, the podcast dedicated to analyzing fashion through a different lens each week, and this week is all about fashion photography. I’m your host Adriana Monachino, and today we’re switching up our Raybans and bifocals for a new pair of specs. In just a moment, we’re going to throw on our culture anthropologist glasses and analyze the way women in particular have historically been depicted in fashion images, what these depictions say about women and societal gender codes, and how these depictions have transformed with the phenomenon of the female gaze. And, finally, we’re going to look at how the female gaze not only pertains to fashion photography, but also influences women’s current representation and role in the fashion industry.


Sarah Moon Photography (from top to bottom): “Adriana Pour Watanabe” (2000), “L’ange des studio” (2001), “Fashion 11” (1996).

Kiera Knightley for Coco Mademoiselle

Prada’s ready-to-wear Spring Summer 2018 line

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