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Toronto Vintage Shopping

Before you hit the stores, check out Colleen’s methods for finding great vintage pieces !

Toronto Vintage Clothing Show   @torontovintageclothingshow

Rewind Couture ~

Chosen Vintage ~ @chosenvintage

Gadabout Vintage ~ @gadaboutvintage

Mama Loves You ~ @mamalovesyouvintage

* House of Recollections ~ @houseofrecollections  as mentioned by Vintage_Egyptologist


Other Listening


This Retro Life. It is a podcast that shines a light on individuals who wear retro in their daily lives! You can subscribe for new episodes on iTunes. And of course don’t forget about their instagram presence!


More Vintage Instagrammers ! 

A chronological list of just some of the many cool vintage Instagram accounts out there.

These accounts are as unique as vintage fashion itself!



@virtuous courtesan


























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